City of music

16 Dec

Hard to describe how magical Vienna is…particularly at this time of year, when everything is decorated, lit, and overflowing with music, food and mulled wine!  We arrived in Vienna after dark, having made a stop at the Esterhazy Palace in Eisenstadt, where Haydn lived and worked for many years.  Maneuvering our touring bus thru the narrow streets of the city center proved challenging, but we arrived to gorgeous lights festooning the streets filled with people.  Our hotel was just to the back of St Peter’s Church…one of the very old churches in Vienna….where advent concerts were being held every afternoon.  We were just a few blocks from St Stephen’s Cathedral, where Haydn was a choirboy (until he got kicked out when his voice changed) and where Mozart was married.  It will definitely require more than one post to cover all our adventures in Vienna….it’s a great city for walking, and it’s FULL of museums, Christmas markets, beautiful shops and historic sites…many of them music-related.  More later about chamber music at the Mozart House, Beethoven’s piano at the Pasqualati  House, the Golden Hall of the Musikverein…and singing a chorus of  “Varsity” in the Esterhazy Keller, where Haydn and Schubert (among others) had lifted a pint in the past.


One Response to “City of music”

  1. Cindy May December 21, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

    Hungary’s constitutional revolution — So sad!

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