Fare Thee Well, Gabe

11 Dec

Rehearsing the farewell to our guide Gabriel Fawcett, our travelers were expertly accompanied by Ruth and Sandy Stehling. The universal language of music enabled us to connect with a group of Italians close by as well. Anyone know the chords to Volare?

(Sung to the tune of Home on the Range.)

First Buda and Pest, Hofsburg Palace and Lizst
Ronald Reagan on Liberty Square
Through the fog of the day, Gabriel leads the way
Evening lights reveal Danube the fair.

You can get him to speak any day of the week
With his tales of Hungarian woes
He’ll wax eloquent on the blood that was spent
Until all of us can’t help but doze

Home, home to Berlin
He survived the tour from Wisconsin
No more “Where’s the loo?” from his dependent crew
We will think of him fondly and grin

His facts with some spice make history nice
Rakas was an arsehead and such
The coffee’s so fine, but those Austrians still whine
Bloody well! Ruskies just are too much

He herds us on tour wi a touch deft and sure
With a surfeit of food and of drinks
With his cheeky Brit smile and his eloquent style
He tells us what he really thinks


In Gabriel we trust, the third stop is for us
Be brave now and get on that tram
And our favorite bit is his humor and wit
We’ll go home as Gabriel’s fans






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